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Buy Top Feed, Agri Products And More From Us!

Today, by focusing on needs of agriculture, we, Valueman Organic Agritech Pvt. Ltd., assure quality farm services to all with our organic products. Our company as an exporter, manufacturer and supplier focuses on bringing forth quality nourishing inputs to meet current demands of agriculture industry. We are engaged in diversified sectors and thereby provides the most suitable products that benefits the overall environment at large. 

We are engaged in noble international trade of various product categories including Feed Products, Agri Products and Aqua Vet Products. The very meaning of our business unit, i.e., Valueman helps to evoke an impression of a dedicated healer which is engaged in preaching and practicing affirmative values among farmer friends. 

Our company meets promising needs of customers for Robust Natural Poultry Feed Supplement, Grow Value Plant Growth Regulator, Cattle Feed, etc. Our products are processed keeping currents needs of concerned segments. This assists in providing right solutions.

Corporate Values

Our corporate values stands for the following:

  • V-Value based 
  • A-Affordable
  • L-Longevity
  • U-Universal
  • E-Efficient
  • M-Meaningful
  • A-Affirmative
  • N-Natural

Our Philosophy

Our company strives to maintain our agriculture efforts in line with harmony of nature. We put our focus on bringing those top-quality products that meet challenging needs of the industry.

We offer following services to our farmer and agriculture community:

  • Identification of agriculture methods and production 
  • Focus on growth of farms for building promising future
  • Execution of agricultural projects on turnkey projects
  • Tailor-made solutions according to specific needs of clients
  • Maintaining on-site training sessions and promoting product awareness, etc.

Our company believes in encouraging its slogan of Organic India, Healthy India. We promote Trust, Affability, Veracity and Motivation, which are drivers of our growth in the competitive market. Our business unit prioritizes on following:

  • Spreading knowledge about facts and myths based on organic farming
  • Producing our goods in sync with demand for natural and organic products.
  • Actively take part in government initiatives to create models of attaining zero net land degradation in India. 


Our director, Mr. Minhaj Uddin, coined the term Valueman years ago in 2009. With perseverance and passion, this term became a noted brand in this segment. His experience helped him to take company towards success from the scratch. The board of company consists of intellects, consultants, qualified professionals and more that creates the backbone of company.

Our Product Line

We at our company, are indulged in meeting growing demand of numerous categories such as Cattle Feed, Grow Value Plant Growth Regulator, etc. We deal in following brands to ensure sustainable and organic solutions for all:

  • Valueman Aqua
  • Valueman Cattle Feed
  • Valueman Poultry Feed


  • Our products are highly popular on e-commerce platforms.
  • We are a renowned member of Indian Chamber of Commerce.
  • Our brands such as Valueman Organic and Valueman are registered as per Trademark act 1999.
  • We publish Ananda Bahar, a newspaper that features articles and news with special page named Valueman Ogranic Varta.

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() - 22P/3F 34P/5F
     (0.5  - 2 ) 36P/5F
(0.5 - 2 ) 36P/5F
     (0.8  - 4 ) 22P/4F  42P/6F
(0.8 - 4 ) 22P/4F 42P/6F
     (1.8 - 2.5/2.8) 22P/4F  28P/4F
(1.8 - 2.5/2.8) 22P/4F 28P/4F
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15 KG
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